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    GOAT Glassware™ is a high end Scientific Glassware Company with a Team of master glass artisans who produce and develop high quality glass products and innovative accessories. GOAT Glassware™ started as a brand in 2011 in Southern California, but we have been designing and producing high quality glassware, and doing what we love for more than 15 years. Every GOAT Glassware™ piece is American made using classic and scientific designs to ensure and enhance our customers with the finest smoking experience. Our elegant filtration technologies will be sure to maximize for optimum diffusion and ultimate function. We take tremendous pride in all of our products and we guarantee your satisfaction through our outstanding customer service, commitment, and professional workmanship. Using only the purest German glass, we look to bring all advocates and connoisseurs, the very best quality Borosilicate glass focused on aesthetics, clean lines, feel, style, symmetry, and function of the piece all at affordable prices.

    GOAT Glassware™ has always had a passion for Sandcarving and Etched glass! When creating the very first GOAT Glassware™ Scientific water pipe, we decided to Sand Carve our logo into the piece. Instantly we fell in love with the new look and we knew we had something special. From that day we decided we were going to be the first glass company to bring fully custom carved pipes. GOAT Custom allows us to take your imagination and set it free leaving no boundaries when it comes to the design of your piece. Any idea, design, photograph, we can make come to life with precise fine detail deeply carved into the glass.

    Thank you to our loyal customers and partners for all your continued support. We are pleased to present our GOAT Glassware™ catalog and product line. We are committed to bring you the highest quality service at affordable prices. Your satisfaction is our goal. If you desire any special order please do not hesitate to contact us. Please be sure to check out GOAT Custom and let us make something special for you.

    For all of our new partners, welcome to the team!