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    GOAT Custom allows us to take your imagination and set it free leaving no boundaries when it comes to the design of your piece. Any idea, design, photograph, we can make come to life with precise fine detail deeply carved into the glass.

    Please submit all information to / Subject - GOAT Custom


    Minimum Order - $100

    Quotes may take up to 48 hours to receive depending on the order request. Please keep in mind that during holidays and latest arrivals these times may vary. GOAT Glassware requires a deposit for any design that needs to be created or redesigned by our GOAT Glassware Team before ANY work can begin. Once the new design is drawn a final price will be given. Please be advised that the final invoice total MUST be paid in full before any work is completed.

    *Original art files/drawings/photographs are recommended for faster processing time and may reduce the cost of the Artwork Fee.
    Processing Fee - The processing fee Includes receiving the file, verification of artwork to ensure high quality output, and printing / set-up to Glass Ready. File verification is limited to 10 min and any additional artwork changes that are needed will be billed at $75 / Hour.
    Artwork Fee - $75 / Hour Per Design and/or Size. (One time Charge)
                             - $25 Flat Rate for Basic Text / Fonts
    Types of work we perform include but are not limited to: Artwork Creation, Artwork Setup, Clean Up, Scanning, Type Setting, and finalizing to Glass Ready. This is a one time fee and artwork will remain on file. Customers will not be charged the Artwork fee on any additional orders. Our Minimum Artwork time is 30 min.
    Carving Fee - Is determined by the total amount Carved, as well as the Carve Depth. Please select depth from 3 available options. Frost, Etched, and our DEEP Carve.
    Labor Fee - Each piece is Meticulously Hand Carved and made with Love.
    Scientific Glassware Fee - Please select a piece from our Catalog that you would like to customize.
    All orders include FREE Shipping and Handling.
    Order processing begins at the time of approval. Delivery time will vary depending on the complexity / size of the project. Delivery Date will be provided after payment has been submitted.


    NO RETURNS - GOAT Glassware, Inc. does not accept returns or issue refunds, credits, or exchanges at this time. All sales are final. If you receive a damaged or defective item, please contact us within 3 business days. Please see our Return Policy here.


    Company Policy - GOAT Glassware™ will not under any circumstances accept any custom orders containing any occult symbols or any other material that GOAT Glassware™ reserves the right to be objectionable. Orders and Artwork that contain copyrighted or licensed material may or may not be accepted without proper authorization.
    Visit the GOAT Glassware Instagram to see some of the amazing work we have done! All of our Creations/Works and Pieces are guaranteed to be beyond expectations!


    Prices are subject to change without Notice.